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What you need to know...                                                          

 Moving can be a simple and easy process if planned for correctly, but no one can properly plan without all the right information.  There are some areas of a typical move that are often overlooked but are vital to the effectiveness of your moving team.  With these quick steps you can move in less time, and keep a little more in your wallet.
     -  If you live or are moving into a building that will require the use of an elevator see if you can reserve that elevator in advance for a specific date and time that corresponds with your move.  This will allow for a much quicker move without the need to share the elevator with everyone else that lives or works in the building.
     -  Make sure you arrange a place for the truck to park as close to the building as possible, sometimes this involves speaking to a building manager.  Metered spaces can be reserved easily by contacting local authorities.
     -  Make sure you clear off all your furniture and beds, this includes bedding and personal effects.
     -  Remove all wall hangings and place them in a safe and centralized location.
     -  If your packing your own boxes use large boxes for lightweight items, like bedding and lampshades, while using smaller boxes for things like books or DVD's.  Label them properly with its' contents and room placement. Make sure you fill them to the top (use towels or sheets if it is hard to fill the box).  Last but not least, make sure you tape the top and bottom of your boxes, all of these steps will assure the safe arrival of even the most delicate of objects.
A couple important things to remember before the big day!
 -  Empty your safes and jewelry boxes of all valuable and         confidential items and take them with you personally.
 -  All major appliances must be unhooked from any gas, water, or   electrical lines.

 -  All data lines, co-axle cables, etc. must be unhooked from electronic devices.

-  Any refrigerator or freezer must be defrosted.(12 hours suggested)

-  Any item that either contained fuel or runs off of fuel must be emptied of all its contents, and left open to allow vapors to escape.(24 hours suggested)
Items a moving company is not legally allowed to move inside of a truck.
-  Any flammable material; i.e. gas, matches, fireworks, propane       cylinders, etc.
-  Live plants or animals.

-  Food (with the exception of canned and dry goods) i.e. frozen food, fruit, meats, etc.

-  Explosive material; i.e. live ammunition, and pressurized tanks

-  Certain household chemicals; i.e. paints, pool chemicals, motor oil, automotive batteries, automotive fluids, fertilizer, weed killers and               pesticides, liquid bleach, ammonia, nail polish, nail polish remover,               and darkroom chemicals.

Get the best estimate...   

- Gather a detailed list of every item, big or small that you want to move, including an approximate count of dishes, wall hangings, and food items that may be going.

- Note each item that will need special packing to be safely moved such as televisions, large appliances, food stuffs, dishes, wall hangings, and other breakables.

- Remember, for all clothing you want to remain hanging during your move, you will need 1 wardrobe box for every 2 foot of clothing rod in your closets.

- If possible, try to measure the doorways and stairwells where the items are being moved, to ensure that your furniture will be moved to the rooms of your choice without the need for specialized services.

- Remember all the little extras, like the need to use an elevator, long carries, and multiple sets of steps. This can add costs to a standard move.

Making it Simple...         

- Clothes can be left in dressers, just make sure there are no breakables or valuable items in the drawers prior to the move.

- Try and remove all batteries from children's toys and electronics. Little things like batteries, lightbulbs, and most household cleaners can make quite a mess if they were to break open during transportation!

- Plan Ahead, if you know you need your items packed in a certain order because there will be two destinations (i.e. a storage unit and a home).  Or for a piece to come off first because of its location or need for it at the beginning of your unload, simply tell your movers in order to avoid any confusion.

- Follow all these steps and make your moving day feel like a day off!


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*The Rules and Regulations and Printable Moving Checklist are .PDF documents, two very useful tools to help set your move up right. *

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